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Law Office of Matt Sullivan

San Francisco Bay Area Criminal Lawyer
Law Office of Matt Sullivan
1000 Brannan Street
Suite 400
San Francisco, California 94103

Phone (415) 770-0146


Law Office of Matt Sullivan Overview

Law Office of Matt Sullivan is a criminal defense firm located in San Francisco and serving clients throughout Northern California. Practice areas encompass DUI/DWI and DMV proceedings, domestic violence and false imprisonment, assault and battery, violent crimes, sex crimes, drug charges, gun possession, theft and robbery, elder abuse, conspiracy, computer crimes, juvenile offenses, and white collar crimes such as fraud and embezzlement. The firm handles all phases of criminal defense, including pre-charging investigation and negotiations, motions, jury trials, petitions for a writ before the Court of Appeal, and post-conviction matters.

Attorney Matt A. Sullivan is a graduate of the University of San Francisco Law School and a former Marin County Deputy Public Defender. He is admitted to practice law in all courts in the State of California, and in Federal Court in the Northern and Eastern District of California.

Mr. Sullivan is skilled and experienced in strategic analysis of each case, from simple misdemeanors to serious felonies. With zealous advocacy on behalf of clients, he develops defense strategies designed to obtain the best possible results.

Year this Office was Established: 2011

Law Office of Matt Sullivan Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: Violent Crimes; Assault; Battery; Felonies; Misdemeanors; Manslaughter; Child Molestation; Rape; Sexual Battery; Embezzlement; Financial Fraud; Real Estate Fraud; Weapons Charges; Theft Crimes; Burglary; Robbery; Child Abuse; Computer Crimes; Internet Crimes; Vehicular Manslaughter; Post-Conviction & Post-Arrest Relief; Licensing & Administrative Representation; Child Pornography; Indecent Exposure; Lewd Conduct; Forgery; Credit Card Fraud; Insurance Fraud; Loan Fraud; Securities Fraud; DMV Hearings & Proceedings; Elder Abuse; Criminal Fraud; Conspiracy; Petition for Writ; Representation of Police Officers, Paramedics & Firefighters; Representation of Nurses and Medical Professionals; Criminal Trials; False Imprisonment; Federal Crimes; New Trial Motions; Motions to Seal Arrest Records; Petitions for Factual Innocence; Motions for Resentencing; Motions to Reduce Felonies to Misdemeanors; Shoplifting.



Matt Sullivan Mr. Matt A. Sullivan
Criminal Defense


Law Office of Matt Sullivan Affiliations

  • National Association for Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • California Attorneys for Criminal Justice
  • California DUI Lawyers Association
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