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Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka LLP

Business Lawyers in Bellingham, Washington
Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka LLP
400 North Commercial Street
Bellingham, Washington 98225

Phone (360) 671-6565


Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka LLP Overview

Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka LLP is located in Bellingham, Washington and has been serving clients throughout San Juan, Skagit, and Whatcom Counties since 1974. Practice areas consist of business law including entity formation, contracts and agreements, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, alternative dispute resolution, and other business matters; real estate and construction transactions and litigation; employment law ranging from proactive and preventative counsel to dispute resolution; estate planning and administration, probate; and plaintiff personal injury claims.

Steven P. Adelstein, Philip E. Sharpe, Jr., and Philip A. Serka each have more than 35 years of legal experience and are admitted to the Washington Bar and the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington. The legal team is comprised of several lawyers contributing their unique skills and knowledge across multiple areas of law, offering clients a wide range of services and representation.

Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka LLP is committed to providing high quality counsel and advocacy along with personal attention. The firm works closely with clients to understand and address their concerns and strives to maintain long-term relationships that support a variety of legal needs.

Languages: English

Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka LLP Areas of Law


Additional Areas of Law: Business Planning and Counsel; Commercial Loans and Financing; Business Succession Planning; Collections Litigation; Breaches of Contract; Construction Litigation; Counseling and Preventative Advice; Policies and Contracts; Non-Competition and Confidentiality Issues; Union Prevention and Negotiation; Defense of Employee Claims; Estate Planning Administration; Alternative Dispute Resolution; Real Estate Sales Agreement Breaches; Deed Warranty Breaches; Nuisance Claims; Zoning Violations and Appeals; Natural Resource Disputes; Lease Agreement Breaches; Construction Litigation; Boundary Disputes; Quiet Title Actions; Easement Disputes.

Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka LLP Areas of Law Description

– Business Litigation

The attorneys at our firm will do what is necessary to protect our clients’ interests during business disputes such as breaches of contract, construction litigation, and alternative dispute resolution.

– Employment Law

We are a reliable legal source of counsel and representation for employers throughout WA. We handle issues such as: counseling and preventative advice, policies and contracts, defense of employee claims, union prevention and negotiation, and non-competition and confidentiality issues.



Steven Adelstein Mr. Steven P. Adelstein
Business Law, Commercial Litigation, Personal Injury, Will and Probate
Philip Serka Mr. Philip A. Serka
Business Law, Land Use and Zoning, Real Estate
Philip Sharpe, Jr. Mr. Philip E. Sharpe, Jr.
Business Law, Real Estate


Adelstein, Sharpe & Serka LLP Affiliations

  • American Trial Lawyers
  • Whatcom County Bar Association
  • Washington State Bar Association
  • Washington State Trial Lawyers Association
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